Protecting the child’s inner vision

      In this blog post I would like to discuss children and how much we tend to do or not to do in fact to preserve their inner vision. Surely no one would intentionally physically blind their child! Most of us love our children and want the best for them but few of us know how important it is to cultivate our children’s inner vision. I mean of course their ability to see the magical colors that only the soul can discern and see. This can surely best be achieved by letting the child get in touch with enchanting stories and tastefully illustrated fairytales.

     Now the truth is that the aesthetic of television often serves exactly the opposite. It promotes blindness in every possible way; it blinds our mind to the truth and our soul to beauty and unfortunately also distorts our natural taste and makes us addicts to ugliness. I would like to ask each and every one of the parents out there to protect their children’s sensitivity and not only see to it that they are provided with an education – sometimes somewhat superficial – but also to cultivate the child’s psyche by giving him or her the means to discover a universe of beauty that only great literature and art can offer.

     Now is our chance to give our children wings and preserve the freedom with which they are naturally endowed!


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