The Price the Child has to pay.

When a whole system is battling against innocence, it’s difficult to say which social factor is the most harmful for the a child’s soul, or psyche as we say in Greek, the family or the school environment with the set of values they impose, which slowly but surely is constructed like a thick medieval dungeon around a living child, in order to turn it into a living dead grownup, who lives for his primal instincts striving to survive but caring not whether he does or does not exist.

This set of restrictive values with financial success at the top and existential fulfillment at the bottom, with appearances playing a major role in every aspect of our lives, while the very substance of our entities is provocatively and constantly being ignored, is a detrimental plague on our true purpose. That’s a delicate but extremely serious issue and our dealing with it cannot be postponed any longer.
Why does our system cruelly and harshly enforced upon the child is so sick to its core and, if it is, what have the grownups, the mature adults truly done to prevent it from engulfing the whole humanity.

Children are the healthy biological cells of the universal being and, if we want to direct our very humanity to the life giving essence from which we arose, instead of the agonizing existential death we all must suffer, if we continue to walk upon this crooked path of dilemmas and moral choices, we have to protect them with every mean available at our disposal.

How is it that we do not see that our only salvation is the youthful uncorrupted being of every age from the new born baby to the young adult, when we ourselves, instead of following the one and only road that leads to fulfillment, unbreakably connected to our true will and the divine guidance, we are doomed to orchestrate our own extinction not only biologically as a species, but also as valuable spiritual beings and foundational entities, intricately connected with the universal consciousness as the cosmic crowning jewels of the material and immaterial creation.

The books I strive to write have the sole purpose of underlying and promoting dream and magic in our lives, while at the same time postponing the unavoidable corruption of the human being in a system that blinds us to beauty and deafens us to truth. That is my purpose and I hope that I am successful at it.

Through music, sounds, stories and images one cannot only reawaken the soul so that it is reconnected with a desire for beauty, but can also go deeper to the very substance of our being and bring us back to the life giving connection to the essence which flows like life giving water in the barren deserts of our lives.


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