The Eden of the child

How happy seems the child in the beauty and amazement of his magical world of new experiences, wonders and miracles?

                We tend to take things for granted, but the child lives for the colorful, the different and the unexpected. How much can we remember and rediscover through the child’s pure enthusiasm for the little things of this world. And what a responsibility it is to be a parent, when you know that the child views you as a sort of earthly god on whom his very life depends. 

                How important is every single little action of the parents for the child! That little teacher who comes into our lives to help us rediscover the joyful and fulfilling Eden of innocence? Yet how unprepared one feels for such a responsibility, realizing that from now on every word of his or hers matters?

                What is then the true duty of the parent to the child? He has to nurture it not only physically but also mentally , emotionally and spiritually. He needs to guide it to truth, beauty and spiritual fulfillment. But how many of us really realize this, when faced with the decision to bring a new perfect human being in this world. Our black and white world of routine can be filled with vibrant color, but how can our little teacher help us, when we refuse to be helped? When he or she feels like she’s viewed as immature, as less intelligent or powerful than adults? How unfair for the little teacher who possesses the ultimate power, the power of dreams and fantasy of his world-building imagination, that can breathe life into inanimate objects and find value in the smallest most insignificant things for us adults.

                When the child can journey with his or her imagination to the most magical lands, believe that the impossible is feasible and that dreams can become a reality, the child is a little god in his or her own respect, since he or she can fill our lives with joy and unlock the door that leads to the true Eden, wherefrom we all come to this world.

                Eden lives in the soul and it’s not just a lush green garden well tended by dutiful angels. We were once in this Eden of true experience. A single smell, a song can awaken memories of it, but what’s the use when we don’t let our little teachers reintroduce us to this dream-world of our childhood, of the time when, even in the harshness of life, we could believe in the triumph of justice, the power of miracles and to the goodness that lies dormant in every soul, even to those seemingly most deserving of doom? How much we need this unique power these days, when cruelty seems to become the norm in our lives.     Why not let the children become the little captains of our life’s wandering boat in the stormy sea of everyday problems and lack of empathy?   Let’s fill ourselves with the treasures offered to us by giving to the child its true place in our lives. Everyone wins. The child finds the love it needs and deserves and we get reacquainted with our true self the little spark that shines brightly in the deepest depths of our being.


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