Poems for Kids

Greedy Johnny

Greedy Johnny

Greedy Johnny lives for candy.

Lollipops are fine and dandy.

Just don’t give him any salad!

Doesn’t satisfy his palate.

Greedy Johnny eating sweets

Every sort of tasty treats.

But there comes a certain day

when his teeth are in decay.

Now he has to pay a visit

to the dentist and he did it.

How great is that pain!

Now he moans, a ghost with chain.

Greedy Johnny loving sweets.

What he likes is what he eats.

Johnny, be it as it may,

now the dentist you must pay.

Your black teeth you’ve got to treat,

if you lose them, you can’t eat.

Now he brushes every night

Green and salads give him might.

Greedy Johnny learned his lesson

Now he is a different person.

Percy the clown

Little Percy is a clown, with his moon boat leaves the town.

To the sky he flew to see from above the land and sea.

He will visit strange places, filled with beauty and other graces.

With his wooden sword at hand and his fluffy dog as planned.

While the frigid wind is blowing little Percy goes on rowing.

Dreamy lands he wants to know, fairies flying in the snow.

Waterfalls he leaves behind, rivers, forests. Does he mind?

He will see the fairy castles in his magic boat he nestles.

Sleeping kingdoms, kings forgotten, from the elven kind begotten.

Lands of dreams and fairytales from the older wives tales.

What if all for him is new, nothing like the things he knew.

Earth is like a little ball, summer, spring, winter and fall.

Little Percy with his boat rowing strongly as he ought.

Like a child he wants to play, happy, smiling, free and gay.

Dreams he’s catching with his net, fiery dragons he has met.

With his wooden sword aside, he fears not the dragons might.

But he suddenly wakes up in his mother’s cozy lap.

Just a dream it was and left, like a thief after the theft.

Percy awaits the nightfall to his dream again to fall.

And the journey will return or another in its turn.

Who knows what he might find, he has many things in mind?

New adventures are just waiting to be lived, more captivating.

And the moon boat on the shore, waiting as it did before.

It will carry him afar, to a faraway star.